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Boalsburg, Pennsylvania is the home of Cutting Edge Tree Professionals which service all communities in and around the State College PA region.

Our Boalsburg tree service company is ISA Certified and was established by Certified Arborist Jake Allegar and his business partner Nathaniel Durkin.

The pair set up their tree service business building it around the years of experience in the horticulture industry spent by Allegar. They consider the communities in and around State College as their territory including Bellefonte, Lemont, Lewistown, Park Forest Village, Philipsburg and Tyrone.

Our Service in Boalsburg, PA

tree service boalsburg paBoalsburg is probably best known as the birthplace of Memorial Day and was named after the pioneer Boal Family who first settled the region. The community features beautifully landscaped mansions and historic sites including the Pennsylvania Military Museum.

Having such rich history in and around our community makes us proud to be able to serve to enhance the visual appeal of the area with our tree service. For information on any of our programs call or e-mail us today at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals.

Tree Removal

A dead or dying tree is not only unattractive, it may carry disease that can spread to other trees on your property. Other times a tree has grown too tall and is ruining a view or shading a garden and the only solution to those problems is tree removal.

Tree Trimming

Keeping trees visually attractive sometimes requires trimming and that trimming is known as pruning. If the trees are fruit bearing, a proper pruning will aid in their production and keep them healthy and strong.

Stump Grinding

Imagine a giant horizontally mounted spinning saw blade and you get an idea of what a stump grinder looks like. The blade is passed over top of the stump back and forth until it is completely gone and no longer a problem.

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Storm Damage Cleanup

Trees that are damaged during a storm become hazards if they are not cleaned up immediately as they are weakened and may fall. These kinds of trees are hazardous and require repairs or removal and our staff is trained in this recovery program.

Tree Health Care

Giving your trees a regular check up helps in keeping them healthy if a viral infection or pest infestation is detected early. We have the ways and means to provide expert diagnosis and treatment to ailing trees.

Other Services

Not only do we offer all of these services, Cutting Edge Tree Professionals provide Tree Pest ControlTree Fertilization and Firewood Delivery programs. For your free estimate on any of the tree services we provide the State College PA region with call or e-mail us today.