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ISA Certified Arborist Jake Allegar and his business partner Nathaniel Durkin established Cutting Edge Tree Professionals to provide tree services in Lemont, PA and the surrounding area.

The pair offers a full range of tree services to residential and commercial residents in and around the State College region of Pennsylvania.

Although they are based in Boalsburg, Cutting Edge Tree Professionals also service the communities of Bellefonte, Lewistown, Park Forest Village, Philipsburg, Tyrone and Lemont. For a free estimate on any of their tree services, call or e-mail today.

Our Service in Lemont, PA

tree service lemont paLemont is virtually in our backyard as the community is just 4-miles (9-minutes) away and happens to be home to the last remaining granary in the State of Pennsylvania. The Lemont Historic District features numerous heritage homes and businesses that give character to the area.

As these heritage sites are maintained in such a manner, it includes landscaping, shrubbery and trees that must be kept in accordance with guidelines established by the community. The Lemont Village Association is the governing body for all of these features and attractions.

Tree Removal

There will be a time when a tree becomes sick or grows too tall for a specific area and removal is the best solution. At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals we can safely and efficiently remove that tree and at an affordable price – call or e-mail us today for a free estimate.

Tree Trimming

One of the best ways to improve the overall look of your property is through tree pruning. Pruning not only cleans up excess growth, it assists trees in growing strong and healthy by removing dead or dying twigs and branches.

Stump Grinding

There has never been a tree stump that can’t be removed and with our stump grinder we don’t remove stumps – we erase them. Stump grinding is the fastest way to rid your yard of one and we’ll turn it into mulch you can use in your garden.

Call Cutting Edge Tree Professionals for a Free Estimate: (814) 240-2172

Storm Damage Cleanup

Trees and limbs that get tossed throughout a yard and neighborhood following a storm need to be cleaned up and removed. Because of the dangerous nature of this work, you should leave it to a professional by calling us at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals!

Tree Health Care

Trees need the care of a doctor, too and that can mean anything from diagnosing and treating an attack of some kind to just maintaining their health. We can examine your trees and provide you with various health care options designed to fit your budget.

Other Services

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is a full service tree care business which means that in addition to all of these services we also provide many more. They include Tree Pest Control (fighting off those pest invasions), Tree Fertilization and Firewood Delivery.

We are proud to service residential and commercial customers throughout the entire State College, PA region, including Lemont. To receive your free estimate on any of our services just call or e-mail Cutting Edge Tree Professionals today!