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The partnership between Jake Allegar and Nathaniel Durkin led to the establishment of Cutting Edge Tree Professionals to perform tree services in Lewistown, PA and the surrounding area.

This ISA Certified tree care and maintenance service has been serving the entire State College, PA region since February 2015.

Allegar, a Certified Arborist, and Durkin, a business professional, based their business in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania. They also service in and around the communities of Bellefonte, Lemont, Park Forest Village, Philipsburg and Tyrone along with Lewistown.

Our Service in Lewistown, PA

tree service lewistownLewistown is located 26-miles (31-minutes) from our business location in Boalsburg which makes it easy to reach even in the case of emergency tree care service. The community was named after William Lewis who designated the borough in 1795.

The downtown highlights a memorial in Monument Square to the Logan Guards, sent to Washington, DC in 1861 as part of the American Civil War. Many heritage buildings and landmarks can be found in the community.

Tree Removal

If you have a sick or dying tree in your yard that cannot be brought back to good health, removing it may be the best solution. We have the training and tools to make this job easy and painless for you and the tree.

Tree Trimming

Pruning can be good or bad for a tree – it all depends on when it happens as a tree has a natural growth cycle. Proper pruning can help keep trees healthy and strong where poor pruning may cause more harm than good.

Stump Grinding

The only way to make a tree stump disappear is with the use of a stump grinder which is essentially a giant cutting blade. The spinning, horizontally mounted blade is dragged back and forth over the stump reducing it in size until it is gone.

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Storm Damage Cleanup

Any kind of major weather event will leave behind a level of damage and in the case of damaged trees, you will need professional help. Cutting Edge Tree Professionals can assess and clean up storm damaged trees quickly and efficiently.

Tree Health Care

When trees are healthy they grow tall and strong but when they are not healthy it affects their overall appearance. We can examine your trees and supply you with options for treatment all designed to stay within your budget.

Other Services

As a full service tree maintenance business we also provide Firewood DeliveryTree Fertilization and Tree Pest Control for all communities in and around the State College, PA region. For your free estimate on any of the services we provide, e-mail or call us at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals today!