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Park Forest

Established in 2015, Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is a full service Park Forest tree service owned and operated by Jake Allegar and Nathaniel Durkin.

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We offer our many tree care and maintenance programs to residential and commercial customers throughout the State College, PA region. We service in and around the communities of Bellefonte, Boalsburg, Lemont, Lewistown, Philipsburg and Tyrone as well as Park Forest Village.

Our Service in Park Forest, PA

tree service park forestPark Forest Village is 11-miles, or 14-minutes, away from our home base which makes it easy for us to reach for any tree care service. For a free estimate on any of our programs call or e-mail us at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals today.

Park Forest Village was created in 1956 and has incorporated a unique neighborhood design that has won many national awards. The design combines gracefully curved streets with an emphasis on trees to establish visual landscaping and development.

Tree Removal

Due to the potential dangers related to size and equipment needed, tree removal is not a do-it-yourself job. Trees are removed for a variety of reasons and our certified arborists can help you decide if this is the right solution.

Tree Trimming

Trees and shrubs are almost always in need of a shave or a haircut and if it is poorly done it can affect their health. There is a right time in the natural growth cycle to prune and we can determine that by examining your trees.

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Stump Grinding

The stump grinder is a machine that is not designed for use by anyone other than professionals. It has a spinning blade that destroys stumps a layer at a time and is the best way to remove that rotting tree stump from your yard.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm damaged trees can cause additional damage if they are not trimmed, cut or removed because they are dangerous. They may fall on vehicles or structures so quick removal is important and we can handle that with ease.

Tree Health Care

A healthy tree is a happy tree and healthy trees grow big and strong and live a long, long time. The only way for this to happen is to have them checked out and diagnosed for any kind of disease, followed up by treatment.

Other Services

Our list of services does not end there as we also provide Tree Pest ControlFirewood Delivery and Tree Fertilization. To find out more about any of the work we do at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, all you have to do is call or e-mail us today.