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International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist Jake Allegar and his business partner Nathaniel Durkin established Cutting Edge Tree Professionals to provide Philipsburg, PA tree services.

We have been in business since February 2015 serving the entire State College PA region. Give us a call or e-mail us using the form below to request your free estimate.

In addition to providing tree care service to residential and commercial customers in Boalsburg, they also service in and around Bellefonte. They also work in the communities of Lemont, Lewistown, Park Forest Village, Tyrone and Philipsburg.

Our Service in Philipsburg, PA

tree service philipsburg paPhilipsburg is located a short 32-minute (30-mile) drive from our home in Boalsburg and is a community that is rich in history. In fact, numerous historic landmarks have been renovated including the Union Church and Burial Ground.

The commercial district has also been revitalized and the Philipsburg Historic District was added in 1999 to the National Register of Historic Places. Many heritage homes and grounds add character to the landscape in and around this community.

Tree Removal

When a tree grows too big and creates a problem with shade, dropping limbs or blocks a view you may be faced with having to remove that once beautiful tree. We can examine your property and provide you with quick, efficient and affordable tree removal.

Tree Trimming

The best way to trim a tree is through pruning and if that tree is a fruit bearing variety, pruning will benefit crop production. Pruning in general enhanced the visual look and overall health of trees and it takes skill to do it right.

Stump Grinding

A rotating, horizontally mounted blade cuts away at a stump as it is passed over the top of it. Each pass reduces the size until there is nothing left – except a pile of wood chips and dirt.

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Storm Damage Cleanup

Extreme weather events are often as unpredictable as the damage they leave behind. When that damage includes trees it can become dangerous and risky which means a professional should be consulted for clean up.

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals we can assess the situation quickly and prioritize cleanup efforts efficiently. For a free estimate on this emergency tree service give us a call or contact us via e-mail today.

Tree Health Care

The health of a tree can only be determined through a complete diagnosis which may involve soil samples and lab work. If there is a concern, treatment options will be discussed and selected in order to nurse your trees back to health.

Other Services

As a full service tree maintenance business we provide additional services including Tree FertilizationTree Pest Control and Firewood Delivery. Cutting Edge Tree Professionals service the entire State College PA region and for your free estimate contact us today.