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In addition to the many tree services we provide at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals in the State College PA region, we also offer firewood delivery.

We haul off the wood from the removal and trimming jobs we’re hired to perform for our customers, and prepare it for all of your firewood needs.

We have been serving this area since February 2015 and can provide you with a free estimate on this service if you call or e-mail us today.

firewood state collegeWhether you use firewood to heat your home, an outbuilding or just for the backyard fire pit, our State College arborists can supply you with just the right kind of wood for your specific needs. When you turn to us to bring you firewood, it means you never have to venture in the woods for it again so you can just relax by the fire.

The Good and Bad About Firewood

When you used to gather firewood in the good ole days it meant a drive to the forest, a hike in off the road, cutting, bucking, loading and hauling it all by yourself or with a buddy or two. That was followed by unloading and stacking once you arrived at your destination – which would very likely be an all day or weekend project.

Good quality firewood takes a bit of work to locate and different types of firewood produce different heating properties and this is what we factor into this service. We can recommend the best softwoods or hardwoods (or even a blend) to produce maximum results for your specific application.

This is why we only provide the best quality seasoned and clean firewood to our customers that we have cut and split and will deliver to your door – or harvest from trees already in your yard. We can also stack the firewood wherever you wish on your property for storage until you need to use it.

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At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals we pride ourselves in the various tree services we provide our customers in and around the State College region of Pennsylvania including firewood delivery. We have been in business since February 2015 and can provide you with a free estimate on this or any of our services, including stump grinding (no job too small) if you call or e-mail us today.