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Pest Control

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals can provide the expertise you require when it comes to tree pest control & chemical application and spraying.

In fact, although they have been serving the State College PA region since 2015, the certified arborists have ten years of pesticide application experience.

One of the first forms of defense used when young, healthy trees show signs of damage from disease is to treat them with various spray applications. A seasonal program of this kind of treatment will not only allow your trees to become strong and healthy, it will help them to fight off various infestations.

Why You Need To Consider Pest Control

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With no less than fifty common insect pests, trees have a lot of natural enemies they have to fight off and deal with on a daily basis. Add to this the potential of disease coming from other sources including water and soil conditions and the environment and it is easy to see trees need protection.

When a tree is weakened by a windstorm or flash flood, there is a level of trauma experienced by the tree. Just like humans this leaves them as an easy target for a virus or infection delivered by a pest or other invader.

The use of chemicals sprayed on or inside the structure of a tree can build up the strength it needs to not only fight off the current infestation, but allow it to ward off future attacks. The best way to ensure long life of your trees is to have a regular spray program in place.

Benefits of Pest Control

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In addition to keeping trees strong and healthy, providing years of shade and beauty to your property without need for State College tree removal, pest control can serve an even bigger role depending on the trees being treated. If you have a number of fruit bearing trees the direct benefit to a pest prevention spray program is an increase in crop production.

It is important to note that not every tree can be saved if treatment is not applied at the right time catching the infestation before it becomes more advanced. However, a seasonal program will assist trees in fighting off these kinds of attacks.

For your free estimate on tree service including pest control through chemical application and spraying call or e-mail us today. The certified arborists at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals have been serving residents in the State College, PA area since February 2015 and look forward to serving you!