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Storm Damage

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals have served the State College PA region since February 2015 with various tree services including storm damage cleanup.

This is a job that can become very dangerous for those attempting to DIY. For a free estimate on this program all you have to do is call or e-mail us today.

Major storms are not uncommon in the Pennsylvania region and sometimes they leave a great deal of damage in the form of broken and fallen branches and trees. We can safely remove any and all trees, branches and limbs that have landed in and around your property preventing any further damage.

Safety First

storm damage state college

The removal of storm damaged trees is best left to a State College, PA tree professional as there are a number of risks involved in doing it yourself. There may be downed power lines, branches that may still come down becoming a potential risk to you.

Broken limbs that are still caught in tree branches may fall which may land on a vehicle, structure or even you or a family member. These risks are far too great to take a chance on and are why we recommend giving us a call.

Inspection and Evaluation

Our certified arborists will visit your property and conduct a thorough assessment of the damage and identify trees that require either trimming or removal. Severely damaged trees will be removed to prevent further damage in a future weather event.

Other trees may only require a trimming, or just removal of branches that have sustained enough damage that they cannot be treated and repaired. Although every effort will be made to save storm damaged trees, this is not always the best solution.

Consultation and Planning

Call Cutting Edge Tree Professionals for a Free Estimate: (814) 240-2172

Following our detailed assessment of the storm damage to the trees in your yard we will consult with you on what options exist based on the condition of the trees. We will work with you to complete a visually pleasing clean up and repair of the trees.

Should a number of branches and/or trees require removal, we will take care of all the planning and execution of the project. We have the equipment required to work on all locations including close proximity to homes, structures and other obstacles.

We have been serving the State College PA region since February 2015 and can provide you with various tree services including storm damage cleanup & tree fertilization. For your free estimate just call or e-mail us at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals today!