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Stump Grinding

Serving the State College, PA region, Cutting Edge Tree Professionals are experts in all aspects of tree service including the specialized job known as stump grinding.

Our certified arborists have the training and tools to get the job done with ease – for a free estimate call or e-mail us today.

There is no other removal method as fast and efficient as grinding when it comes to eliminating the visual impact that can come with a stump or two on your property. Our tree service in State College has the professional equipment required and can make any stump simply disappear and we can do it at an affordable price.

Why Grind A Stump?

stump grinding state college paThere are many reasons to have stumps removed from a property and they range from cosmetic to practical. Perhaps you have some storm damage on your State College property, and need the remaining stumps removed. Stump grinding is also the kind of job best left to the professionals as it is far from a simple job for you or a few of your buddies.

The cosmetic reasons to remove a stump are obvious – they are unattractive and may become a hazard depending on their location. The practical reasons for stump removal are not as obvious – they may be located where you want to put a garden or walkway.

How A Stump Is Removed

The certified arborists at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals use a piece of equipment called a stump grinder. The vertical blade of the tool is passed back and forth over the top surface of the stump and the spinning action chips away with each pass.

As the teeth in the rotating blade cut into the surface of the stump, they reduce the size of it until it has disappeared. The job is only complete once the blade has cut down to just below ground surface.

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In addition to completely removing an unsightly stump, the use of a grinder results in an added bonus for your yard or garden. The chippings that are produced by this method of removal are an excellent mulch mixture of wood chips and dirt that you can easily recycle into your property.

If you live in the State College area of Pennsylvania all you have to do is call or e-mail us today at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals for a free estimate on stump removal. We will visit your property and provide you with a price quote based on the work specific to your requirements.