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Tree Fertilization

The State College area of Pennsylvania has been served since 2015 by Cutting Edge Tree Professionals with services including tree fertilization.

We pride ourselves on the various tree services we can provide our customers and for your free estimate on this program all you have to do is call or e-mail us today.

There are a number of State College tree services that fall under the category of tree health and this is one of the most important ones. Tree fertilization plays an incredible role in the lifespan of trees on your property and their overall health – as healthy trees grow stronger and live longer.

Strong and Healthy Trees Live Longer

tree fertilization state college pa

Fertilizing trees and shrubs has been proven to have a direct affect on the overall health of a tree. If a tree receives proper fertilization when it is young, it will grow to be strong and regular fertilization will keep it healthy.

The main reason why you want healthy trees on your property is because they will be able to fight off various diseases and pest attacks. Another reason healthy trees are desirable is that they look much better with bright leaves and color.

Fertilization Keeps Them Healthy

If you could look at tree fertilization as an equivalent to humans adding supplements to their diet, then you can understand the importance of this program. Supplementation in a human diet helps build up immunity and strength.

Fertilization programs for trees and shrubs have the same affect – it builds up their health so they can fight off disease. Fertilization provides trees with the additional nutrients and minerals they may not receive any other way.

What We Can Do

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We understand the chemistry required to feed trees the right kind of supplementation to keep them healthy. We will visit your property and conduct a thorough examination of the trees requiring healthcare and consult with you along the way.

You can rely on the certified arborists on staff at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals to examine and diagnose the health of you trees and then tailor a fertilization program specific to their needs. For your free estimate on this or any other tree service, call or e-mail us today!