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Tree Health Care

Tree Health Care is one of the many services we provide at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals – serving the State College PA region since 2015.

Our certified arborists know exactly what to look for when checking the health of your trees – for a free estimate on this service just e-mail of call us today!

Trees do a pretty good job of signaling to us when they are not as healthy as we expect them to be, but we need to be aware of the signs. Your trees will be able to tell you there is something wrong if you know what to look for.

Signals Coming From Your Trees

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There are a number of tree diseases that can harm trees and create hazards in the Pennsylvania area. A diseased tree has what is commonly referred to as a form of distress and once distressed they start to show signs.

The leaves on trees can tell you a lot about the health of your trees and if the leaves are turning brown, curling or falling at the wrong time of year, there is a health issue. If your trees are full of leaves with holes or spots on them or are losing branches – these are signs.

If your trees are fruit bearing and do not blossom or flower – there is a health concern. Contact our tree pest control & spraying arborist in State College to address your concern. Also, if the tree has peeling, shedding or cracking bark you have an unhealthy tree on your hands.

Other signs of distress can include fungus, discoloration or mold on the bark as well as a softness in places as if the tree had been bruised. All of these signs point to the need for professional help in treating your trees.

Why You Need A Professional

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Treating diseased trees is best left for those who understand what needs to be done and can formulate a specific treatment for the species of tree affected. No two situations are the same and you need the assistance of trained professionals to provide proper treatment options.

The certified arborists at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to correct the tree health care problem in your yard. Serving the State College PA region since February 2015 – just call or e-mail us today for your free estimate.