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Tree Pruning

Established in January 2015, Cutting Edge Tree Professionals services the State College PA region with a full selection of tree services including tree pruning.

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There is a bit of a science to tree pruning that is best left to the experts and that is why our certified arborists in State College can take care of any pruning job. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a poor pruning of healthy trees and you will want to avoid the problems that may occur as a result.

Pruning Affects Trees In Good and Bad Ways

tree pruning state collegePruning is a lot like a haircut or a shave in that the cosmetic ‘tidying up’ of a tree with overgrown branches and uneven growth can be brought back to a controlled and beautiful look. The bad comes from pruning at the wrong time of a tree growth cycle which may cause damage.

Pruning landscape trees in Pennsylvania is a whole different matter as there are considerable OSHA Regulations and ANSI guidelines that we must adhere to. This is one more reason to consider a professional when it comes to pruning.

When To Consider Pruning

Trees with various growth issues such as crossing branches, dead or hazardous branches, and storm damaged limbs, or that have branches growing into structures or power lines should be pruned. The same goes for trees with branches that are low and present hazards to people and vehicles.

Cosmetic reasons for having trees pruned include trimming trees that have grown too large and may be blocking a view or other visual feature. Another visual reason to prune is when a tree has sustained damage from a pest infestation and needs a trim to clean up how it looks.

Other Benefits to Pruning

One of the things to keep in mind about proper pruning is that it keeps trees healthy and assists with enhancing the value of your property. Well groomed trees and shrubs make your property inviting and a pleasant place to be for you and those you entertain at your home.

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Cutting Edge Tree Professionals has been serving the State College PA region since January 2015 and offers a wide variety of tree services including pruning. We even offer firewood delivery from the leftovers of our tree removal & pruning jobs. For your free estimate on any of our services just call or e-mail us today!