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Tree Removal

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals have been providing tree removal services in the State College PA region since 2015.

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Tree removal is typically the last resort when it comes to dealing with a diseased tree that cannot be treated back to health. Other times a tree needs to be removed because it is either in the way of some other project or has become a hazard. Either way, tree removal is always best left to State College tree service professionals.

The Tree That Requires Removal

tree removal state college

Deciding when to remove a tree takes a lot of careful consideration – especially if the tree does not have obvious issues. Trees that are diseased or have experienced some kind of severe damage are easy candidates for removal simply based on the risk they pose to other nearby trees and shrubs.

These trees are considered hazards and removal is often the best solution to either prevent further spread of pest or viral infection or damage to property from falling limbs. The trees that are harder to decide on removal are usually not hazardous.

A tree that has grown too tall and is blocking a visual feature of your property or happens to provide shade on a garden will need to be removed if State College tree pruning will not suffice. The same goes for trees that are either dropping too many pine cones or branches into a neighboring yard to the point where it is an annoyance.

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Sometimes a particular species of tree attracts a different kind of pest in the form of nest building birds that may cause damage to other parts of your property. When this is the case we will look at the pros and cons before making the decision for removal and we will consult with you along the way.

Professional Tree Removal Service

The certified arborists we have on staff have the knowledge and tools to removal trees – regardless of size – safely and quickly. Our training in State College and Park Forest tree service allows us to access situations and work on job sites using the most up-to-date equipment to properly remove a tree.

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals have been serving the tree care needs of the State College PA region since February 2015 – including tree removal. Call or e-mail us today for your free estimate for this or any of our tree care services.